Repairmen works on a home's air conditioner unit outdoors. He is checking the compressor inside the unit using a digital tablet.  He wears a navy blue uniform and his safety glasses.  Tools inside toolbox on ground.

How often and when to schedule maintenance on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit seems like it would take a lot of specifics to answer – how old is your unit, how big is your home, how often do you run it, things like that.  But the answer for us is actually really simple : twice a year.

At AZTech Mechanical, we aren’t trying to fool you into a month-to-month service plan and we aren’t going to tell you that you should be buying a new HVAC unit every year.  We think it’s our job to help you maintain a properly operating unit through the years; and with our trained technicians, we can do just that with only 2 check-ups each year.


To properly maintain your HVAC unit, we recommend you schedule a maintenance service at the change of seasons.  Here in Arizona we use the AC far more often than the heater; but you definitely want to know that when it comes time to switch that heater on you won’t be left in the cold.  

Some people ask “Why do I need to have my HVAC serviced?  Shouldn’t it just work?”  Our answer is sure – in an ideal world we would never have any issues with the dishwasher, car, computer, or HVAC unit.  (For that matter, there wouldn’t be stubbed toes or allergies either, but that might be too big a dream.)  The reality is anything with mechanical parts will need assistance to stay in peak operating efficiency.  Think of your HVAC unit like your car for a minute.  You can wait until it’s broken down to take it in for all the costly repairs, or you can do a few things to keep it running smoothly like regular oil changes and tire rotations and even filling the gas tank.  Getting your HVAC unit serviced is equally important to keeping it running smoothly.  It won’t guarantee that you’ll never need a new unit ever in your life but it will keep your current unit working its best.  

The general rule of thumb is to schedule maintenance in the spring and fall, as the seasons are mild and gearing up for the times when you will be needing to run your HVAC unit much more frequently.  In the Valley of the Sun that means March or April to get you ready for summer, and then again in September or October as we head toward winter.  

This is the easiest question you’ve asked us!  You can contact us hereemail us, or call us at 480-262-0274 to schedule your maintenance now.  If you still have questions about maintenance we’re happy to talk through them or you can read more about what our maintenance includes here.  So don’t wait, contact AZTech Mechanical and get on the schedule today!